Meet the Family

About Us

Eggspert Eggs is a large South African egg producer and supplier of farm fresh eggs
to various retailers, wholesalers and food-service providers.

We are committed to supplying our customers with superior products, where
freshness and quality are never compromised.


Mission & Vision


We are in the process of fully automating the existing facilities, and we strive to exceed industry standards for food safety and quality assurance, thus ensuring that quality and service levels to our client base are constantly improved. Our most recent food safety audit achieved a result of 97.22%, one of the highest ever achieved by anyone in the egg industry. We believe in vertical integration especially when it involves our staff. A comprehensive training program is in place and staff opinion and involvement is of paramount importance to Eggspert Eggs. Our mission is to enrich people’s lives and help our nation thrive by providing some of the best farm-fresh eggs in South Africa.


At Eggspert Eggs we have a philosophy that if you work hard, possess integrity, and take responsibility for your actions, you will be successful in all your life endeavours. We have set forth a dozen standards that will guide us in optimizing our individual characteristics, uniting us a multi-cultured team and establishing Eggspert Eggs as “THE COMPANY” with which our customers, suppliers, employees and community desire to be associated. To be one of South Africa’s leading producers and distributors of high-quality farm fresh eggs.